REFUGE (2020)

'These are important and significant songs that deserve to be heard. One of the best, certainly the most emotionally powerful, albums I’ve heard for many years' FRUK

REFUGE is a vibrant album of electronica-tinged story-songs inspired by people at the heart of the global refugee crisis. Recorded with producer John Pat Elliott and released in 2020. The album was fan- funded through Indiegogo and the project helped raise money to build Wave of Hope School in Moria refugee camp.

The album holds a special place for me as a unique and vivid creative process. I had to take work during the first lockdown as a delivery driver and the album was dreamed up in breaks, Devon lay -bys and often feverishly written over a rushed morning coffee. I was in direct contact with refugees at the camp and with exiled Afghan journalist and school founder Zekria Farzad; we were able to tell stories and weave themes in real time into the album often wiriting between vocal takes, giving the album sometimes an immediate, immersive and journalistic feel.

John and I holed up in a remote house in the wilds of Exmoor for a week to make the album, a wood fire burning while storms raged outside.

Rich with vivid imagery of place, landscape, climate, humidity, and aridity, it is a truly global record. Folk & Honey

Refuge is one of the most astonishing records you'll hear this year, with it's vibrant and epic soundscapes that almost overwhelm the senses. Fatea