Tomorrow Film Premiere

Tomorrow Film

I was invited along to an advance screening of UK Independent film ‘Tomorrow’ on Monday night at Cineworld, Leicester Square. It was wonderful to meet the director Martha Pinson and writer/producers Sebastien Street and Stuart Brennan and to hear my songs on the big screen. This is Martha’s directoral debut having been an award winning script supervisor for many years. Her friend and colleague Martin Scorsese came on board as script supervisor.

Unexpected interview and photo shoot

‘Burning Low’ and ‘A Polyphonic Life‘ both feature and my good friend and album producer John Elliott was there with me to share the moment.

I was really moved by the film, especially the performance of lead actor Seb Street as a returning soldier adjusting back to life in London and dealing with PTSD. London is captured beautifully on screen including places I know well like the Magic Garden Pub in Battersea.

An inspiring theme that came out of the Q&A afterwards was that of perserverance as an artist and the herculean tasks invloved in bringing it to the screen; five times they had finance in place and five times it fell through! My own journey in completing this album led to real financial strain and some dissilusionment at the time so hearing the songs in the film felt like a bit of a validation of that work.

Q&A with director, cinematographer and producers

There will be Q&As and screenings accross the UK at Cineworld, independent cinemas and art centres from today. Check out the trailer below and catch the film if you can.


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